Twenty-nine Seventh-Day Adventist Pastors were taking through the Initial Trauma Healing Training in Cape Coast. These Ministers who mostly work in schools from Junior and Senior Highs Schools as well as the Tertiary intend to form Trauma Healing clubs. This would be the first of its kind towards the youth since the TH program started in Ghana.

Each of these Ministers, has plans of having about 50 person’s in their clubs which would mean that about 1450 youth are being helped from the wounds of their heart. We look forward to the Advance session with them and to share in the impact of the training.

A pilot of the clubs was conducted in a School in Koforidua and reported as follows:

The 2022 academic year saw the launch of a Trauma Healing Club at the SDA Senior High School, Asokore – Koforidua. 60 students were selected and taken through trauma and counselling therapy exercise. The cardinal objective of this club was to offer skills and strategies to assist students with traumatized situations to better understanding, coping with, processing emotions and memories tied to traumatic experiences with the end goal of enabling them to create a healthier and more adaptive meaning of the experience that took place in their lives.

The core lessons necessary for this exercise were all duly covered within a period of 3 months. Students met once every week. The participatory learning module was employed in this exercise. The program ended with a graduation ceremony with a dramatic lesson on “Forgiveness – Pain to the Cross”. The program was very impactful and yielded the results envisaged.