About us

Who we are

The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) is a non- denominational Christian organization with voluntary membership.  It is an affiliate member of the United Bible Societies (UBS) operating in over 200 countries. UBS is a world fellowship of National Bible Societies who have come together for consultation, mutual support and action in their common task of achieving the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures and to help everyone interact with the Word of God.

Our Mission

Making God’s Word available and affordable, and encourage its use to transform lives.

Our Vision

Bibles for all

Core Values

  • Excellent Customer Service – we serve Christ by delivering excellent customer service to all (John 13:15)
  • Faithfulness – as stewards of God’s resources we are faithful in all we do (1 Cor 4:2)
  • Respect for each other – we treat each other with respect (Phil. 2:3; 1 Peter 2:17a)
  • Partnership – we work with stakeholders recognizing their contribution in achieving our mission (1Cor. 3:6)
  • Integrity – we trustworthy, neither corrupt nor negligent in all our dealings (Daniel 6:4)

What do we do?

The Bible Society of Ghana exists to ensure that the vision of making Bibles affordable and available is achieved.

While focusing on our vision, it is also needful to develop effective and meaningful programmes using all forms of media through which we can attain our set objectives and facilitate Bible distribution and usage in churches and among individuals.

In pursuit of our mission, we do the following: Translations, Distribution, Programmes and Fundraising.


The goal of BSG is to reach every home with a Bible in a local language they can read and understand. Currently, the Bible has been translated into 8 major Ghanaian languages. We are working on others, while revising some of the older versions. Translation is challenging and money intensive. More can be achieved if the needed funds are available.


BSG ensures the widest distribution of scriptures to every part of the country. Currently, we have seven main distribution points where our offices are located; Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Ho, Hohoe, Tamale and Sunyani. Additionally, there are over forty distributors spread across the country. BSG also distributes some of its Bibles for free during very special events, to 1st year students of the universities in Ghana in their Christian fellowships. Braille Bibles are also given out to the blind. Recently, the Bible Society presented over 5000 free copies of the English Standard Version Study Bibles to students in theological institutions across the country.


BSG is involved in projects that enable individuals and groups to interact with the Word of God continuously. They include the HIV/AIDS Good Samaritan project, Alpha, Peacekeeping, Tamale Rescue Project, Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH), Literacy Project, Youth Impact projects, Open The Book project, Next Generation Project among others.

  • NEXTGEN Project- This project reaches young persons between the ages of 12-17 years (Junior and Senior High School students) through a well-designed scripture engagement activities which addresses major youth concerns in the 21st century leading to transformed lives.

NEXTGEN activities include; Bible Drama, Quiz, Poetry, Choreography, Mentorship camps, Workshops

conferences, Advocacy events on biblical activism, etc.


The project has engaged over thousands young students in over 100 Senior High Schools in 6 regional capitals of Ghana on issues regarding peer pressure, integrity, peaceful relations, etc.


“this few days we have spent here, has been awesome. I have learnt more about leadership from a different perspective that will help me to do better as the Assistant School Prefect in my school. I have learnt that in order to know more I have to share what I know, teach others to become better than I was and lead by example. When I return to school, I intend to organize a meeting for all the prefects in my school to share all we have learnt in this camping. I am very grateful”

Efua Serwaa Boadi, Labone Senior High School.

  • African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) Ghana Forum- The African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) Ghana Forum is an advocacy programme by the Bible Society which promotes the ideals of integrity and biblical principles in leadership in the public square.

     Since its inception in Ghana in 2014, ABLI Ghana Forum has looked at topical issues such as; servant leadership,  integrity, responsible citizenship, etc. The forum has moved from Accra – national capital to regional capitals.

ABLI Youth Forum- ABLI Ghana Youth Forum gives opportunity to young persons to debate and aspire to Godly tenets of leadership models.


” This indeed is a wonderful forum for young leaders to emulate virtues which is waning in public office”. Headmistress, Labone SHS

  • Open the Book- Open the Book project is a free service given to schools by a team of voluntary Christians from local Churches who present Bible stories during the collective worship in primary schools. The aim is to contribute to the children’s religious, spiritual and moral education so they become responsible and godly children.

The project organises Arts Exhibition, Prayer Day and Fun Games for Schools, Volunteers trainings, etc. The    project is currently in Accra, Cape Coast and Takoradi and expected to be implemented in other regions.


My Life is Changed

“I used to be a stubborn boy but now an obedient child since I joined the Open the Book in my school. My performance in school has also improved to the amazement of my teachers. I like how the volunteers dramatize the stories to us. Whenever, I watch them dramatize, I sometimes feel it is happening in real life because I get a good picture of the story. I would like to be an Open the Book volunteer one day. Thanks to the Bible Society for introducing the Open the Book project in my school”.

Caleb, primary 5.

  • Youth Impact Project(YIP)

The Youth Impact Project is designed specifically to engage pupils in the upper primary schools with Bible Question Test. Those who score 50% and above are presented with Bibles. The youth Impact project encourages and exposes these young ones to search the scriptures for answers and thereby learning and studying it. The project has distributed over 10,000 Bibles to pupils across the nation.


“I know my life will be better than before. Thank you Bible Society of Ghana for introducing the Youth Impact Project in my school. I am happy I took part in it. I promise to read the Bible and make God’s word the standard of my life”.


  • Persons with Visual Disability (PVD) project- The project provides for the visually impaired (full and partially blind) with easy access to Scriptures in Braille, audio, large print format and magnifier glass to live a well-motivated and fulfilled life. Besides scripture distribution, the project promotes Bible engagement and advocacy activities such as engaging PVD’s social inclusion in community and church activities. Since its inception, this project has been implemented in all schools for the Blind in Ghana and communities of Blind Associations.


Joy in the midst of regret

“It is a great joy to receive and read these beautiful Braille scriptures frequently from you. I used to feel very worthless as a girl. I was also very isolated and unhappy. This has changed when I began reading the scripture portions you send us yearly. I feel brightness in my life. God richly bless the Bible Society of Ghana and the donors for their continuous support”

Kafui, 18 years

  • Literacy Project

The project empowers individuals of different language groups in Ghana with literacy and numeracy skills to help them contribute to community development, change lifestyles and ensure their ability to make right choices.The project has developed literacy materials (primers) and trained hundreds of volunteers in the following language areas such as; Gurune, Esahie, Ga, Dagaare, and Dagbani to promote and help preserve our various mother-tongue dialects.

The following languages Ewe, Asante-Twi, Akuapim-Twi, Fante, Bono and Nzema currently in progress.


 “Literacy has brought us dignity and we have much honour among our peers “by Michael and Stella a  couple in Jiapa Upper West Region.


  • Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) & End-2-End ProjectsThis project support Churches and individuals in rural and urban communities to mature in their faith as they listen and interact with the audio scriptures in their mother tongue. The end to end project provides free Bibles and other scripture materials to participants of the ‘Faith Comes By Hearing’ (FCBH) and Jesus Film programmes. The Bible Society of Ghana almost two decades now have set up over 7,000 audio listening Church groups across the country with 10 recorded audio scriptures in Ewe, Eashie, Fante, Asante-Twi, Akuapim –Twi, Ga, Fante, Nzema, Dagaare and Dagbani.


The Word of God Spreads

“I introduce the audio scripture device at most social gatherings which has won many souls to my Church and established other churches in nearby villages”

Pastor Stephen Akitsa: The Apostolic Church – Ghana, Lotakor


  • Bible for Security Forces & Peace Keeping Projects- These project donates Scriptures to Ghanaian Security forces to support them both mentally and spiritually in order to serve the nation and other external duties with character, dignity, honour and in the fear of God. Over the years, the Peace Keeping Bibles distribution has helped the Military and the Police in keeping peace elsewhere namely; Congo, Lebanon, Mali, South Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Gambia.


Lt. Col. Agyapong passionate of Bible distribution among his troop on Peace Keeping duties always advised his men and women to have their Bibles with them at all times, saying, “there is power in the Word of God”.


  • Engaging the Youth with Scriptures

The project promotes Scripture Essay competition among young persons (12 – 17 years) to enrich their biblical literacy and develop godly values and motivate these youths to share the lessons in Bible with others. Scripture Essays topics since project commenced are: “I stand for Integrity” and “Life of Nehemiah – Impact lessons”. The project is promoted in all Senior High Schools in Ghana and winners are presented with awards.


Master Andrews Kpeho, overall winner of the 2017 competition had this to say “ I expressed my profound appreciation to the Bible Society of Ghana and wish to encouraged my fellow colleagues to participate in the competition for 2018”. Andrews said, he was thankful to God who favoured him because he just decided to write and didn’t think he could be the overall winner.

  • Rescue the Girl Mission Project- Project equips teenage girls with moral and life skills education to help them make informed decisions leading to a transformed and healthy girl child in the Western region. The Project is piloted in 5 schools in the Takoradi metropolis. Topics such as; peer pressure, STD’s, effects of teenage pregnancies, influence of negative peers were handled by resourceful volunteers. Bibles are given to girls who faithfully participated sessions.


Delivered from bondage

“I have experienced multiple abortions and various sexual partners leaving me very traumatize and hopeless” but after a period of counselling and mentorship, she has had her turned around for good. Abena, a 15 years old girl.

  • Trauma Healing Programme

The Trauma Healing aims at restoring hope and cheer to those who suffer pain and other forms of trauma. It is Bible based and could be run either under the Story Telling mode or the Classic. So far this is proving to be a most relevant and therefore popular programme.

Classic Trauma Healing

The project addresses traumatic stress and disorders from high cases of domestic abuse, rapes, ethnic conflicts, disaster, etc, for affected persons to live a dignified life.

Story Based Trauma Healing

The project brings comfort and hope to persons (particularly women and girl child) who continuously faces various forms of discrimination and abuses in most parts of Ghana especially in the Northern region (Witch Camps).

Trauma Healing for Seminaries

This is a pilot project with Theological institutions in Ghana to equip trainee clergy with skills in trauma healing.


“My pain was more painful than a scorpion bite but I have been able to forgive those who accused me as a witch – Niba a 75 years old woman

  • Light for the Prisons- The project distributes Bibles to Prison centers in Ghana to help inmates interact with God’s word.


“I ended up in prison due to influence of alcoholic behaviours but my life has been transformed since I received a Bible – desire for alcohol is no more.”

  • Scholarly Editions for Theological Institutions

The Scholarly editions are Hebrew and Greek Bibles to assist Theological institutions engage in biblical study and research. The project seeks to improve sound biblical teaching in the Churches in Ghana. Over 1,200 Biblical materials distributed to several Theological institutions.


BSG raises funds to support her translation work as well as the subsidy on the Scriptures. The funds raised also help us to accomplish the several activities geared towards Bible work.