Be mindful of utterances – Clergyman to politicians

Political leaders and representatives have been urged to be mindful of their public utterances to promote peace and stability in the country, especially in the upcoming general election.

The Resident Minister, United Church Teshie, the Very Rev. Dr Kofi Amissah, who made the call, said negative utterances posed a threat to peace, unity and stability and could kindle tensions and push the country into chaos.

Rev. Dr Amissah, therefore, encouraged political actors to exhibit to the public the same level of cordiality and friendship they have with one another during their private meetings, rather than being at one another’s throats and inciting the public who belonged to different political parties.

“We need words of wisdom; they should speak the truth, should feed our ears with good news so that our hearts and our minds will be calm.

They must always promote peaceful co-existence among the citizenry by living exemplary lives so that people will do things without violence,” he said.


He was speaking at the thanksgiving service of the 2024 Bible Week Celebration organised by the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) at the Mt Olivet Methodist in Accra last Sunday.

The Bible Week, a week-long celebration, is to enhance the Bible’s enduring power to illuminate peace, unity and development.

Dubbed: “The Bible, Guide to Peace, Unity and Development”, it is to celebrate the Bible and explore its potential to ensure a peaceful, united and prosperous nation, post-elections.”

The initiative was to encourage Ghanaians to explore the transformative power of the Bible as the country prepares for its presidential and parliamentary election this year.

The event was used to raise funds to support the BSG in making available and affordable Bible to Ghanaians in all languages.

Ambassadors of Peace

Rev. Dr Amissah urged Christians to not disassociate themselves from political activities but to get involved in the 2024 electioneering.

“I’m not just inviting Christians to vote but the Bible says clearly that if the wise or righteous refuse to rule, the foolish rule, so if for any reason you think you are disillusioned about politics, and you will not vote well, people will vote and they will make a decision for you,” he said.

Rev. Dr Amissah, therefore, encouraged Christians to be ambassadors of peace, saying “as the election approaches, speak wisdom, foster unity and spread the love even in your community so we can see the peace of God in our community.”

I think the problem now with whether their Christianity is impacting politics is what we need to look for now, but the impact is what we haven’t seen much of yet,” he said.


Rev.  Dr Amissah, therefore, urged Ghanaians to vote based on sound, sustainable and fundable policies and not on political affiliations.

He encouraged Ghanaians to look out for policies that would enable the development and growth of the nation and future generations.