Light for the Prisons
Niba a 75 years old woman
Trauma Healing Programme
Abena,15 Years
Rescue the Girl Mission Project
Master Andrews Kpeho,
Engaging the Youth with Scriptures
Lt. Col. Agyapong
Bible for Security Forces & Peace Keeping Projects
Pastor Stephen Akitsa: The Apostolic Church – Ghana, Lotakor
• Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) & End-2-End Projects
Literacy Project
Efua Serwaa Boadi, Labone Senior High School
Impact Project
Headmistress, Labone SHS
ABLI Youth Forum
Caleb, primary 5.
Open the Book Project
"I ended up in prison due to influence of alcoholic behaviours but my life has been transformed since I received a Bible – desire for alcohol is no more."  
My pain was more painful than a scorpion bite but I have been able to forgive those who accused me as a witch
“I have experienced multiple abortions and various sexual partners leaving me very traumatize and hopeless” but after a period of counselling and mentorship, she has had her turned around for good. Abena, a 15 years old girl.
Master Andrews Kpeho, overall winner of the 2017 competition had this to say “ I expressed my profound appreciation to the Bible Society of Ghana and wish to encouraged my fellow colleagues to participate in the competition for 2018”. Andrews said, he was thankful to God who favoured him because he just decided to write and didn’t think he could be the overall winner.
Lt. Col. Agyapong passionate of Bible distribution among his troop on Peace Keeping duties always advised his men and women to have their Bibles with them at all times, saying, “there is power in the Word of God”.
“I introduce the audio scripture device at most social gatherings which has won many souls to my Church and established other churches in nearby villages”
Literacy has brought us dignity and we have much honour among our peers “by Michael and Stella a  couple in Jiapa Upper West Region.
“this few days we have spent here, has been awesome. I have learnt more about leadership from a different perspective that will help me to do better as the Assistant School Prefect in my school. I have learnt that in order to know more I have to share what I know, teach others to become better than I was and lead by example. When I return to school, I intend to organize a meeting for all the prefects in my school to share all we have learnt in this camping. I am very grateful”
" This indeed is a wonderful forum for young leaders to emulate virtues which is waning in public office".
“I used to be a stubborn boy but now an obedient child since I joined the Open the Book in my school. My performance in school has also improved to the amazement of my teachers. I like how the volunteers dramatize the stories to us. Whenever, I watch them dramatize, I sometimes feel it is happening in real life because I get a good picture of the story. I would like to be an Open the Book volunteer one day. Thanks to the Bible Society for introducing the Open the Book project in my school”.