General Volunteer

You can help with your talents and time to accomplish this vision. (Read more Link)

In our offices in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Sunyani, Ho, Cape Coast and Tamale we are blessed with great staff, from time to time however we require extra support to ensure that the work goes on smoothly.

Call us or come by during your spare periods and lend us a hand.

Bible-A-Month Clubs

Are you a part of a group in Church, School, and Office or in a Social club? Do you have the desire to see others blessed with the Word of God? Can you afford to at least give a Bible away as a gift monthly?

If your answer to any of these is yes! Then assist us by bringing together a few believers who support this vision in your local area, church or office group.

Let’s help those who desire the Word but can’t afford. Your widow’s might of GHC 10 monthly is all it takes.

Join the movement!


The Bible must go the breath and length of the Country. Our vision is to ensure that all have access and can afford a Bible in the language they understand. If you have a shop or a point of sales that can assist in our distribution efforts contact us to discuss this further.


How fluent are you in your local dialect? Can you assist others to learn using our audio devices? Are you a retired local language teacher wanting to keep busy? Do you have a passion to help others in this regard? Contact BSG if you would like to assist in leaving a biblical legacy.