United Bible Societies Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer Banner 222Dearly Beloved in the Lord,

Today is United Bible Societies Day of Prayer. It is a day set aside by all Bible Societies to pray for Bible work in the world.For us in the Bible Society of Ghana is organizing a National Prayer Marathon today. Join us today wherever you are and in whatever language to pray on any of the following topics:

PART 1 :  SUICIDE among the youth. May the Lord have mercy on our youth, parents, and school authorities in the light of recent development in this area. Let us pray that parents, the Church and schools will be awake to this distributing phenomenon and come up with solutions to curb the trend

  1. EXAM malpractices. Our wards will soon be taking exams. Let us pray that the relevant authorities will effectively deal with cheating and related malpractices. Let us pray that parents, students, school authorities W.A.E.C officials and invigilators will all cooperate to eradicate this menace.


  1. YOUTH – Let us pray for our youth and the national agricultural sector using the words of PSALM 144: 12-15.
  2. Prayer for a transformational character and good peers among other youth
  3. Pray for the youth to make God’s Word the standard of their life
  4. Let us pray for revival among the youth to desire God more or the desire to do right things in their generation
  5. Let us pray for the youth to become gifted leaders with a pledge to live by integrity.
  6. Pray against the influence of occultism and prostitution among the Youth

Social Agenda (2)


  1. Pray that our leaders will find solutions to the filth and degradation around us and that Ghanaians will have a change of attitude on cleanliness in our homes, towns and cities.
  2. Pray that the ministers will find solutions to the dangers posed by galamesy and pollution of our river bodies.
  3. Media Sanity & orderliness


  1. INDISCIPLINE on our roads and role of Okadas. Let us ask for wisdom for the relevant authorities to handle this menace in an effective manner.
  2. Robbery on our highways and in our towns appears to be taking an upward trend and a few security agents have been killed recently. Please pray for our security agencies that they will be equal to the task assigned to them as they protect life and property and that they in will know God’s protection.



Ask God in His loving mercy, and by His saving grace, to revive the Church and more churches to be established Ask God to give each member the heart to loath sins as true disciples of the Lord


  1. Ask God to raise more men and women who are genuine Kingdom builders for the Mission.
  2. Ask God for the salvation of SOULS and for their commitment to the course of His Kingdom.


  1. IMPACT of the church in Ghana. Let us pray for our church leaders at all levels instead of simply criticizing them and that they will fulfil the mandate God has entrusted to them. May we be focused on the Great Commission which is fast becoming the Great Omission.
  2. Let us pray that we Christians shall be salt and light in Ghana and beyond and shall avoid compromises and copying the ways of the world. May we be delivered from false prophets and ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing. “Lord gives us a revival!”



Pray against outbreak of killer diseases in our Nation and West African. Pray for steady recovery from the present economic recession. Pray against natural disasters that are gathering momentum.


  1. Pray for those who are in authority for wisdom and guidance.
  2. BREAKAWAY group from the eastern corridor especially around the VOLTA region.

Kindly pray for wisdom for government to handle this development described as treason in some quarters Let us pray for our political leadership both the party in power and the opposition for wisdom as they lead this nation. May they put the nation above party and partisan interests and focus on national development.

  1. Let us pray for our president Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo that he will have the needed wisdom, health, strength and energy to run the affairs of Ghana in line with God’s will and with integrity.
  2. Let us pray for leadership at district, municipal and metropolitan levels that our leaders will rule with integrity and in the best interest of the nation. There are rumors of bribery in some quarters even in this new era.
  3. Pray the Almighty God to show mercy on Ghana and save her from backward sliding.
  4. Let us pray that in our quest to find funding we shall not fall to the bait and favours from quarters that will entice Ghana to join OIC and similar bodies.
  5. Thank God for 60th Anniversary of Ghana
  6. Election of a new Chief Justice and other appointments to be made by the President



That God should supply donors; Churches and individuals with resources to help the work of Bible

  1. Strength for BSG Council and Committee and Staff to continue the mandate of Making God’s Word Available and Affordable.
  2. Global Bible work and leadership of fellowship– Philadelphia Promise
  3. World Assembly 2022 in Ghana and preparations
  4. Flow of resources and capacity of personnel to the fellowship to meet the expected needs of scripture work